Abstract Submission Guideline

Abstract Submission Deadline: September 10, 2019


Oncology, Endourology, Neurourology

How to Write Abstracts

  1. The content of the abstract is solely the responsibility of the author, and any published articles will not be accepted.
  2. In preparation of the abstract, please adopt the following structured format:
    [Original Article] Objectives - Methods - Results - Conclusions
    [Case Report] Objectives - Case Description - Conclusions
  3. The size of the abstract is limited to 2,500 characters including spaces. This includes title, body of abstract, tables and graphics.
    Tables are calculated at 250 characters per table. Graphics are calculated at 250 characters per graphic.
  4. All abbreviations must be defined the first time they appear before being used as an abbreviation in the text.
  5. The title should not contain more than 30 words and must be submitted in English.

How to Submit Abstracts

  1. All abstracts must be submitted in English through the online submission system.
    * It is the authors’ responsibility to review the submissions and correctly.
    * Submitters are responsible for every typing error on the abstract.
  2. You can review/edit/delete an abstract at any time until the final deadline.
  3. Please do not submit multiple copies of the same abstract.
  4. Presenting authors are encouraged to submit their abstract.


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