Mayfield Hotel

Address Mayfield Hotel 94 Banghwadaero, Ganseo-gu, Seoul, Korea (07506)
Tel 82-2-2660-9000
Fax 82-2-2660-9001

MAY+FIELD, Garden of May

In the month of May, nature is at its finest. From colorful spring flowers to fresh green leaves, one can really relax and rejuvenate in the green fields of nature. Mayfield was designed with this Eco-Friendly heart over 40 years ago and stayed close to this quality of standard by preserving the nearby wildlife. Mayfield hotel coexists with nature to bring you a peaceful and refreshing atmosphere


Special & Natural
Flowers bloom in the spring, fresh green leaves grow out in the summer, colorful autumn colors in fall, and white snow flakes in cold winter. The best happiness that can be felt in nature is offered to anyone who visits the Mayfield hotel.